EASY VEGAN RECIPES | breakfast, lunch, dinner

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*note: the nutritional yeast used in this video is vegetarian, not vegan, but Thrive Market sells a vegan version it was just sold out!

original breakfast recipe:

original lunch recipe:

original dinner recipe:


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FTC | thank you to Thrive Market for sponsoring this video 🙂

EASY VEGAN RECIPES | breakfast, lunch, dinner


  1. so many curbs if eat that in a day i ll gain half a kilo at least, vegan doesn t work for me because I eat low carb ( so no bread, potatoes etc, I eat them twice a week at most) :/

  2. hey Sarah,
    on a totally unrelated note :p how did you do with your 30 day challenge thing with job application? I though you would do update videos on that.

  3. As I sat down to watch this video, I ate a mashed chickpea sandwich w apple chunks!!! So so simple and I use the vegan mayo from Trader Joe's! I feel like we're on the same wavelength.

  4. I've always wanted to try a vegan diet in order to become more healthier. Plus whenever I eat normal foods or food not as healthy it hurts my stomach. I'm definitely gonna try these recipes when I get paid! Thanks Sarah!!! 💕👌🏽

  5. I never comment on videos but gurrrrrl you look bangin' in this video!
    I've been awol for a while, can someone please tell me what she is currently using to get that eyebrow color?

  6. Obsessed with your hair style/colour everythinggggg, would love a video on how your do these waves (im sure it's simple but I suck at hair haha) love you x

  7. why do you say that the nutritional yeast is vegetarian and not vegan? their website says "vegetarian/vegan" for it and if it's just nutritional yeast i can't imagine it not being vegan.

  8. I've watched you for a while and you've mentioned that you idealized the lifestyle and now you're eating loads more vegan food and gradually incorporating veganism and I'm really proud!!! Yay Sarah!! 🎉✌

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